BookmarkCycler Firefox Extension 1.2.1

February 21, 2020

This extension allows you to create a list of "Bookmark Cycler" folders which can then be "cycled" through with a single click.

That is, each time a listed Bookmark Cycler folder is Clicked, the "next" bookmark within that folder is loaded into a new Tab (looping back to the first bookmark, as required).

This allows you to maintain large lists of bookmarks, and ensure that you occasionally view them all without always loading all of them into tabs.


1. Within a listed Bookmark Cycler folder, only first-level bookmarks are processed.
Consider the following Bookmark Folder structure:


If "Folder-1" is selected as a "Bookmark Cycler" folder, the bookmarks in "Sub-Folder" will not be processed.

You can, of course, also select "Sub-Folder" as another Bookmark Cycler folder.

2. If a Bookmark Cycler folder has no actual bookmarks (perhaps only sub-folders), when clicked, no action will be performed.

3. When installed, the Bookmark Cycler icon is placed in Firefox's "navigation bar".
You may be able to move it to the "tab strip" or "personal tool bar" using the User Interface "Customize..." mechanism (right-click on the UI).

4. Identically-named folders will not be listed, regardless of folder-depth.

5. Ctrl-Click on a bookmark loads it into a tab, and allows multiple tabs to be opened.


Version Date... Comments...
1.2.1 2020.02.21 Ctrl-Click now loads tab in foreground
1.1.2 2018.12.22 Ctrl-Click now loads tab in background
1.1.1 2018.01.28 Adjust entry padding
1.1.0 2017.12.29 Don't duplicate entries, Ctrl-Key fix, GUI fix
1.0.2 2017.12.09 Minor GUI adjustments
1.0.1 2017.11.18 Moved support website (internal only)
1.0.0 2017.05.13 First release

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