BookmarksDropDown Firefox Extension Version 2.5.0

November 03, 2020

The BookmarksDropDown Firefox Extension causes a Bookmarks Menu to appear when the mouse pointer is above the Firefox viewport (the area which displays web content).*1

Specifically, after the BookmarksDropDown extension is installed, whenever the cursor moves above the web content, a clickable menu of Bookmarks currently in the Firefox "Bookmarks Toolbar" appears at the top of the displayed page, overlaying any content there.

Moving the cursor back over web content, or clicking one of the Bookmarks, will then cause the Bookmarks Menu to disappear.

When the Bookmarks Menu is showing, you can use the normal mouse-click operations to select and open a bookmark in the current tab (left-click), a new tab (middle-click), or open a menu of possible actions (right-click).


1. Middle-Click or Ctrl-Click on a Bookmark opens it in a new tab and keeps the Bookmarks menu showing.*U3

2. Middle-Click or Ctrl-Click on a Folder loads all the folder's bookmarks, each in a new tab.*U3
Duplicate tabs will not be created.

1. You must turn off the regular Bookmarks Toolbar (right-click on Tabbar, uncheck).
2. You must turn on the Navigation Bar (if available) in early Firefox versions.
3. Web Extension add-ons do not work in certain pages (Newtab, about:, *mozilla*, for example).


Options are available to display Bookmark website "favicons"*U1 (or not), and customize the menu text style, size, and colors (backgrounds, and highlight), which can improve readability for various themes.*U2
Also, you can specify whether the displayed bookmarks are clipped or not, and how long the menu remains visible after the cursor moves away.

For Folders containing multiple bookmarks:

The "Folder Load Count" option causes loading the website content for the first specified number of bookmarks into new tabs, while only creating tabs for each of the remaining bookmarks (without loading their content).

The "Folder Open First" option specifies loading and opening (switching to) the first bookmark in the Folder.

The "Folder Sort Bookmarks" option specifies that when clicked, a Folder's Bookmarks will be displayed in alphabetic sort-order.


To install the BookmarksDropDown Firefox extension:


Version Date... Comments...
2.5.0 2020.11.03
  • Optionally sort Folder Bookmarks
2.4.0 2019.01.11
  • Fix spelling for subroutine call
2.3.9 2018.10.24
  • Add "Folder Load Count" option
  • Add "Folder Open First" option
2.3.8 2018.01.11
  • Allow name to fill Bookmark to specified width
2.3.7 2018.01.11
  • Middle-Click on Folder opens all contained bookmarks
  • Middle-Click on Bookmark opens page and keeps menu showing
2.3.6 2018.01.10
  • Refine CSS styling further, yet again
2.3.5 2018.01.09
  • Refine CSS styling further
2.3.4 2018.01.08
  • Refine CSS styling for various websites
  • Include folder name in cursor-hover-info
2.3.3 2018.01.06
  • Ensure menu starts fresh
2.3.2 2018.01.05
  • Fix transparent background
2.3.1 2018.01.04
  • Add icons to "web_accessible_resources"
2.3.0 2018.01.02
  • Add "Favicons Displayed" option
  • GUI fixes
2.2.2 2017.12.29
  • Add Font Style options: Bold, Italic, Oblique (per user request)
2.2.1 2017.12.07
  • Don't duplicate sub menu
2.2.0 2017.12.06
  • Ctrl-Click on Bookmark opens page and keeps menu showing
  • Ctrl-Click on Folder opens all contained pages
2.1.5 2017.12.04
  • Ensure menu disappears
2.1.4 2017.11.22
  • Remove dangling code
2.1.3 2017.11.21
  • Always catch cursor mouseout
2.1.2 2017.11.18
  • Add "Menu Hide Delay Time" option
  • Add "Background Color-2" option to alternate sub-menu background color
  • Move support website (internal)
2.x.y 2017.10.++
  • (various changes)
2.0.0 2017.10.09
  • Re-Write for Web Extensions
1.3.1 2016.10.04
  • Fix disabled Bookmarks after Firefox Customization
1.3.0 2016.05.15
  • Remove toolbar current state checks (internal changes only)
1.2.0 2016.05.09
  • Optional Custom Colors
  • Option: Close toolbar when clicked
1.1.0 2016.04.20
  • Bookmarks Toolbar background color now defaults
1.0.0 2016.04.04
  • First public version


1. BookmarksDropDown 2.0.0 is a re-write of BookMarksDropDown 1.x.y, executable in the Web Extensions environment. It was originally based on Bookmark Autohider extension by Reno Reckling and the "small fix" review by jone.

U1. Thanks to user Juanka Hula for "Favicons Displayed" comment and references.

U2. Thanks to user Yahho for "Font Style options" suggestion.

U3. Thanks to user maverick for "Middle-Click" suggestion.

Comments?, Suggestions? Email: pauljayd