"Open Some Bookmarks" Firefox Extension

August 7, 2016

This Firefox addon is superseded by the addon Open Auto Bookmarks.

There will be no further development on this addon.

Users are encouraged to remove "Open Some Bookmarks" (if already installed) and install Open Auto Bookmarks, instead.

Please forgive any inconvenience.

The "Open Some Bookmarks" Firefox extension creates a new Bookmarks sub-Folder PopupMenu Item as follows:

      Open Some - Defer Others

When Clicked, each Bookmark listed in the sub-Folder is loaded into a new Tab.

The "Open Count" Option setting then causes the first specified number of Bookmarks in the list to be opened. That is, Firefox obtains and formats each page's contents in its new Tab.

The remaining Bookmarks listed, if any, are loaded, but NOT opened until selected by clicking each one's Tab.

If the "New Active" Options setting is checked, the first Bookmark listed becomes the new active Tab immediately.

When Ctrl-Clicked, each Bookmark listed is opened/loaded, as above, but the "New Active" setting is toggled (reversed).

To install the Open Some Bookmarks Firefox extension:
  1. Click the following link: OpenSomeBookmarks
  2. Click any security query to allow installation.
  3. When the grey "Install ..." button on the Software Installation dialog changes to black "Install Now", click it.
  4. Restart Firefox.


Version Date... Comments...
1.3.2 2016.08.07
  • Suggest migration to "Open Auto Bookmarks"
1.3.1 2015.12.15
  • Support Firefox 45 & Multiprocess
1.3.0 2015.08.23
  • Support LiveMarks in Firefox 41+
1.2.1 2015.03.10
  • Query user to set "Don't load page until selected"
1.2.0 2015.02.10
  • Always refresh page (bypass cache)
1.1.0 2014.09.21
  • Add 'New Active' option
  • Separate Browser and Options code
  • Change minVersion to 13 for compatibility
  • Check for undefined element for compatibility
1.0.1 2014.08.22
  • Adjusted maxVersion for compatibility
  • Added iconURL in install.rdf"
  • Version 1.0 Help


1. Some code for this extension is from addons "Open Link in Silent Tab" and "Load Tab on Select" by def00111

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