Windows Internet Speed Optimization

June 22, 2017

This page will show you how to optimize your Windows internet speed with a free program from www.speedguide.net named "TCPOptimizer.exe".*1

1 - Download / Execute

  1. Click the link: www.speedguide.net
  2. On the SpeedGuide.net page, click the button: "TCP Optimizer"
  3. On the Downloads page, following the (download icon), click the link:
    TCP Optimizer n (where 'n' is the latest version number).

    This will start the download process in your browser.
    Now, depending upon your browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft IE, etc.) you may be offered the choice to Run or Save the download.

    You must click the Save option.

  4. Use File Explorer to open your Downloads directory and locate the TCPOptimizer.exe program. Note that it may only be listed as "TCPOptimizer" with a File Type of "Application".
  5. Right-click the TCPOptimizer program.
    This will present a menu.
  6. Click the menu item "Run as administrator".
  7. You may presented with a "User Account Control" (security) prompt, warning about an "...unknown publisher...making changes to your device...", etc.

    Click "YES" (respond positively) to this prompt.
TCPOptimizer will open the "SG TCP Optimizer" window and gather all required information about your system's internet connection. This may take some time.

2 - Optimization

In the SG TCP Optimizer window...
  1. Set the Connection Speed slider to your ISP (Internet Service Provider) connection speed.
  2. Under Network Adapter selection check Modify All Network Adapters.
  3. Under Choose settings: select Optimal.
  4. Click the button: Apply changes.

  5. You will be presented with the "Apply Changes ?" panel...

  6. On the "Apply Changes ?" panel Check Backup.
  7. Click OK.
  8. If presented with the following prompt...

    Some registry changes may require a reboot to take effect. Would you like to reboot now?

    You should click "Yes", and let your computer shutdown and restart.
After the above procedure, your computer's internet speed should be faster.


1. "TCP" is the "Transmission Control Protocol" that computers and network devices use to move "packets" of information across the internet.

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