These are links to information and software that I use, or recommend to friends and family, and so are here for convenient global access.
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General Computing
Surfing & Email Describes internet basics and practices for safe web surfing and emailing.
Occasional Computing Considerations and recommendations for occasional computing.
Disk Maintenance Describes Disk Maintenance considerations, and the importance of making a backup (a copy of your computer's disk drive) and suggests some software to do it.
Windows Optimization Optimize Windows with freeware.
Internet Access Optimization Optimize Windows TCP (Transport Control Protocol).
DefragPJD MyDefrag program with customized scripts to optimize disks.
Firefox Browser
BookMarkAutoHider Hide the BookMark Toolbar until you move the mouse into/above the Menu bar.
ClassicThemeRestorer Australis: Restore pre-Australis look and feel.
Install for Version 29+
EdgeWise Execute customizable actions at margin for superior browsing ease and speed.
userchromeff Change appearance of some elements to improve usability.
(Examine/edit/merge/save-as: [Firefox-user-profile]\chrome\userChrome.css)
Thunderbird Email
AttachmentExtractor Extract all attachments, creating unique names as required. (Install or Right-Click/Save)
FolderViewDefault Always start with "All" Folder View. (Install or Right-Click/Save)
InsertImageNoAltText Start the Insert/Image dialog with the default option: No Alternate Text. (Install or Right-Click/Save)
userchrometb Change appearance of some elements to improve usability.
(Examine/edit/merge/save-as: [Thunderbird-user-profile]\chrome\userChrome.css)