Mozilla Firefox Browser Addons
The following Firefox Addons (Extensions) are offered to enhance your browsing activities:

EdgeWare The EdgeWare Addon creates a superior browsing experience by utilizing the entire left margin of the Firefox viewport as a clickable "field" with customizable mouse button-clicks and wheel-scrolls.
Document,   Mozilla Firefox EdgeWare Addon Page

BookmarkCycler Automatically loads the next Bookmark from selected Bookmark Folder(s).
Document,   Mozilla Firefox BookmarkCycler Addon Page

BookmarksDropDown Causes a clickable menu of current "Bookmarks Toolbar" items to appear when the mouse pointer is above the Firefox viewport (the area which displays web content).
Document,   Mozilla Firefox BookmarksDropDown Addon Page

SiteStyles Modifies specific website Styles.
Private,   Mozilla Firefox SiteStyles addon (unlisted)

Mozilla Thunderbird Email Addons
The following Thunderbird Addons (Extensions) are offered to enhance your email activities:

SeeBird The SeeBird Extension provides Easier-to-See Visuals for Thunderbird SuperNova (v115+)
Private,   Thunderbird SeeBird addon (unlisted)